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Mindset Mastery

Small business owners typcially go into their new venture with blinders on. They’re gonna knock it outta the park. Rock it. Make a million dollars. Live the dream. Be their own boss. Enjoy the good life.
Have you ever heard someone get started in a new business who gave up before they started? This will never work. I’m never gonna make any money. I’ll probably fall flat on my face. I can’t believe I mortgaged my house to try this. Unless they prepared themselves for the challenges they would encounter at the beginning, their conversation might quickly turn this direction.
Whether you’re involved in Network Marketing or just bought a McDonald’s franchise, “Ignorance on fire” is a great place to start. Unfortunately, it’s often short-lived. Unless small business owners are able to transition from a state of enthusiasm to a place where they begin to generate cash-flow in a relatively short period of time, the enthusiasm dies. They often give up and look for the next shiny penny to get excited about.
Mindset mastery is the single most important component to creating the success you deserve. Instead of throwing money at every silver bullet that promises to make you a bazillion dollars before the close of business tomorrow, consider your mindset. Have you mastered yours?
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