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Learning vs. Unlearning

Shelves and shelves of books from when books were the the only way to learn. CDs, DVDs, streaming audio and video, seminars and conferences, Google Hangouts and Wikipedia. We strive to take in data; to grow; to learn. It must be the thing to do. Everybody’s doing it. Right?

Have you ever painted something without doing a little sanding first? Without clearing away some of the imperfections from previous applications? It may offer a pristine outward appearance, but without proper preparation, it will be short-lived and require patching and touch-ups. It would behoove us to take a little more time and effort at the preparation stage in order to produce a quality product, would it not?

What about out minds? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by piling a mountain of new information into a mind that was shaped largely before the age of eight? Yes. Eight. Our subconscious minds are running scripts that were programmed in our early childhood. If you’re a high-achieving, proactive money-making machine with loving relationships, you are running productive scripts even though you may not realize it. You’re actually “addicted” to the results you attract. If you’re a procrastinating, pessimist who seems to find drama at every turn, your scripts are running exactly as they were programmed and yes, you’re addicted too.

The key is to unlearn the programs that are not in your best interest. “How do I do that?” you ask. As Einstein put it, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Because a hypnotherapist is trained to work specifically with the subconscious mind, I highly recommend a session with a hypnotherapist to gain an outside perspective of how you can unlearn programs that are not taking you where you want to go. Once you sand down the imperfections you can apply a fresh coat of paint.


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